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If you are in the market looking for an Apartment we will be able to help.

Give us a call at 940-231-3059 or email us at info@dreamcastlerealty.com with the following details of your prospective property.

We will be able to send you a list of qualified apartments

Location Details

  • No of bed rooms
  • No of bath rooms
  • School district
  • Square foot
  • Rental range ($)

Your Contact Info

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Best Phone Number


We can also give you a cash back of $200.if we get at least 50% of 1 month rent or at least $300 from the Apartment company (whichever is greater) when you add us as the referrer.

To qualify for the cashback the following conditions should be met

  • Mention “Dream Castle Realty” as the referring party on your apartment registration, Guest card and on Lease.
  • You lease must be equal or greater than 6 months
  • You cannot be subleasing
  • You should move from one apartment community to another
  • You cannot terminate your existing lease
  • Your new Apartment rent should be greater than $600 and Dream Castle Realty should at least receive 50% of first month rent.
  • If the apartment pays Dream Castle Realty less than 50% of one month rent then we will give you up $100 cash back
  • After you submit the application and the apartment has qualified you please email us at info@dreamcastlerealty.com
  • We will call the apartment complex to confirm that you put our name as referral source
  • Please ensure that you mention “Dream Castle Realty” as referrer without which we will not be able to give you the cashback
  • Any cashback is subject to the consent of the principals we represent

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