Investment Properties

If you are in the market for investment properties, we can help you secure one.
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Tips to find investment properties

  • Use a local broker to find the best investment property deals
    • You can spend your time going to local auctions or scouring foreclosure Web sites, but the best deals are usually found by a shrewd local broker. Today’s most successful investors rely on one or two smart brokers to ferret out the best deals in town.
  • Find what can you afford
    • Get pre-Approved with a reputable lender this will help you understand what you can afford
  • Down payment for Rental Property
    • The down payment on most investment properties for a Conventional Loan is 25% of the value.
    • Arrange for the necessary down payment before you start scouting
  • Property Management (If you are managing it yourself)
    • It is always a good idea to find properties with in 30 miles of your home only if you are looking to managing it your self
    • If you are going to have a professional company manage it then the radius from home is not a factor to consider
  • Location, Location and Location
    • Look for areas with good location, Good School Districts, lower property taxes and low HOA
    • Neighborhoods – Neighborhood with low crime rates, Steady Job Market, Life style amenities like – Restaurants, malls, Theaters are desirable
  • Zoning Regulation
    • Look for Zoning regulation that may alter the desired use of the property in future
  • Average Rent
    • Know the Average Rent in the area and your Mortgage numbers
  • Property Insurance
    • Pay attention to any additional insurance such as Flood or any additional insurance that may dilute your gains.

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